Announcing CropMetrics External Advisory Board

At CropMetrics, we are excited to be gaining more and more acres and growers who are finding irrigation to be a competitive advantage.  The scale of the opportunity is great, with over 300 million acres irrigated in the world, and nearly all of those vastly un-optimized.  Agricultural jobs, agricultural output, and sustainable agricultural economies of entire regions are dependent upon how well we sustainably produce more.

With so great an opportunity, we are pleased to gather capable individuals around CropMetrics in a newly-established External Advisory Board.   They come from a range of backgrounds and  multiple points expertise on agriculture and water challenges (i.e. farming, corporate policy, technical innovation, international growth, and resource policy).

 I’m excited to welcome the first five members of the CropMetrics External Advisory Board:  

Roric Paulman (Owner, Paulman Farms, Sutherland, Nebraska):  Roric is a large-scale producer running multiple operations located in three groundwater Natural Resources Districts and two river basins.  He is a recognized leader in water conservation in the U.S. Central Plains.
Ken Zuckerberg, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo (New York City, NY):   Ken is a  sector strategist / corporate advisor focused on innovation, sustainability and technology in food and agriculture.  He is recognized for particular leadership on synergies between agricultural technology and the financial sector.
Will Sarni, President, Water Foundry (Denver, Colorado):   Will is a longtime thought leader on water innovation and an advisor to corporations, governments  and energy/environmental groups on water.
Peter Berweger Director Portfolio Excellence at Paine Schwartz Partners and currently Group CEO at AgBiTech (USA, Brazil and Australia); Peter also was Group CEO at Eurodrip until it merged into Rivulis, and prior to that he held senior strategy and business line roles at Syngenta. 
Nick Brozovic, Director of Policy, Daugherty Water for Food Institute (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska):  Nick is a thought leader in agricultural water policy and management.  He works globally on water governance, entrepreneurship, and technology and is a founder of Mammoth Trading.

As we lean into 2019 and beyond, we are glad to have input, guidance and support of these new CropMetrics Advisory Group Members.  More to come!



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