CropMetrics offers next-generation tools for predictive irrigation; adds new support-integrated mobile app

NORTH BEND, NEBRASKA— CropMetrics, the leader in precision irrigation solutions, today announced its Virtual Predictor technology, which allows growers working with a CropMetrics Partner to create a custom irrigation plan that forecasts irrigation requirements for the week ahead.  The technology uses data science to complement and extend the use of in-field sensors.

Virtual Predictor is part of the unique CropMetrics solution — field-based Sensors, world-class Science, and field-based local Support — offering growers a worry-free experience and no-headache ROI.

Virtual Predictor will be available through the new CropMetrics mobile app, which represents the state of the art in both usability and functionality for a full view of a grower’s irrigation operations.   The new app will be released in May 2019.

Lee Addams, CropMetrics CEO, said “I’m excited about this upcoming launch of Virtual Predictor.  Growers can use this predictive capability by either leveraging in-field sensors / IoT connections or by deploying independently of sensors.  Combining sensor data, data science, and expert support completes the trust equation, and with an ROI often exceeding 300%, it’s an edge every irrigator needs in today’s challenging conditions”

What will the new Virtual Predictor bring to growers?  

CropMetrics has always delivered irrigation confidence by understanding current conditions and delivering agronomic-based recommendations and spatial patterns.  Now, Virtual Predictor delivers advanced data-driven irrigation forecasting, powered by data science, advanced weather forecasting and long-time experience with crop, soil, and water dynamics.   Virtual Predictor provides a forecast of future irrigation events either with or without the use of soil moisture probes.   

CropMetrics Chief Technology Officer and Founder Nick Emanuel added: “Virtual Predictor is the latest new technology from CropMetrics that allows us to look forward and forecast future moisture conditions, and help the grower and advisor know exactly how to irrigate.  We can already accurately identify what is happening now with sensors in the field and now better understand what is coming next with Virtual Predictor.  As a grower myself, I know that making the right decision about irrigation makes a huge difference in profitability—not only in using less water, but in getting better yield and return for other inputs.”

Virtual Predictor is strengthened by incorporating unique forecasted weather and environmental insights via a partnership with Iteris ClearAg.  

“We are excited to partner with CropMetrics as they deliver one-of-a-kind irrigation management solutions through the new Virtual Predictor technology ,” said Jim Chambers, senior vice president and general manager, Agriculture and Weather Analytics at Iteris.  “By partnering with Iteris ClearAg, CropMetrics is able to serve more growers with flexible, cost-effective solutions adapted to their individual needs.”


What else is offered in the new CropMetrics mobile app?

The release of the next-generation CropMetrics mobile app, VO Grow is a full refresh of the experience,  providing a grower with an intuitive and rapid view of what matters for irrigation — the situation now and what’s coming next — for all of their fields, in one easy-to-read interface.   

Along with the clean new look and feel, the updated CropMetrics app allows the grower to get the information they need faster.  The app has a new communication layer that allows the grower and trusted advisor to message effectively, making sure both are on the same page for important irrigation planning, no matter how busy they are.  The combination of Virtual Predictor and the messaging layer makes it possible for a grower and a CropMetrics partner to update the irrigation plan quickly to take advantage of changing weather and crop conditions.

“I’m excited about the new capabilities – the messaging capability really helps the trusted advisor and the grower to get aligned and stay aligned, especially as I tie in irrigation to my other agronomic recommendations,” said Jeff Miller, CropMetrics Partner and owner of Forefront Agronomy in Lubbock, TX.  “The grower wins, and I can cover more acres much more effectively.”

What is coming next in the CropMetrics pipeline?

With an extensive footprint across the U.S. in center-pivot irrigated row crop production, CropMetrics will continue to optimize results for growers with the power of machine learning, data science, and integration.  The unique combination of sensors, predictive science, and in-field support will be leveraged by CropMetrics on some patented approaches to pivot automation in the months ahead.

John Gates, Chief Science Officer, added “We have an over 90% retention rate with our growers because we deliver value to them year after year.  More will be coming as we accelerate solutions powered by our data science engine, allowing growers and their trusted advisors to capture more profit per drop.”



About CropMetrics

Founded by farmers, CropMetrics has a long track record of helping growers irrigate confidently, profitably and sustainably, delivering results through an agronomic-focused irrigation software platform which includes Virtual Optimizer and CropMetrics Variable Rate Irrigation.  The extensive network of CropMetrics dealers and other partners helps deliver an integrated solution from sensors, data science, and in-field agronomic support. This integrated CropMetrics solution helps producers and their trusted advisors realize the promise of precision irrigation: increased water use efficiency, improved yields and maximized profitability.



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