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About Us

CropMetrics was founded by growers, for growers, helping them “irrigate with confidence” since 2009. We develop and supply the full precision irrigation solution for a grower / trusted adviser, optimizing profits while increasing water, nutrient and energy use efficiency.

“We’re here to Serve you first. Customer care is our top priority.”

Irrigation Optimization

Irrigation optimization is about knowing when and how to irrigate – and having the confidence to make the right call. CropMetrics technology allows the grower and trusted advisor to maximize profitability, improve yields and optimize water use on any irrigated fields in any situation.

In-field Sensors

When should you irrigate? Optimal is typically much less than what neighboring farms or what historical practices dictate. Utilizing sensors in the field, the CropMetrics platform delivers irrigation timing recommendations based on the unique agronomy and root development of the crop, delivered together with your local CropMetrics partner’s insights.

Data Science

Moisture probes tell me soil moisture status now, but how do I know how much water my crop will need throughout the week? CropMetrics now delivers even more irrigation confidence via data-driven irrigation forecasting, adding advanced data science and experience with crop, soil, and water dynamics to enhance irrigation timing and spatial recommendations.

Field Support

Is irrigation decision making challenging and time consuming? Are you confused by all the new technology and not sure how to get started? CropMetrics makes the process simple, delivering trusted technology by trusted local support. Our certified Partner network works with growers directly to provide expert support with all solutions. Only with CropMetrics can growers be sure to Irrigate with Confidence.

Irrigate Profitably

Are you afraid the price of technology won’t pay for itself? Will my results be repeatable year after year? How can I be sure to maximize ROI and profitability? We have an over 90% retention rate with our clients because we deliver them value year after year. Our technology is developed by growers for growers. We understand the challenges growers face, and the solutions required to overcome and assure Return on Investment. Helping grower capture more profit per drop.

Variable Rate Irrigation

How much to irrigate across a field? Does it make sense to apply the same amount of water of every acre? Are you matching water with seeding & nitrogen rates? As the pioneer in Variable Rate Irrigation software, CropMetrics helps a grower excel to the next level of precision irrigation – delivering optimal irrigation applications according to site specific topography, soil texture and productivity zones within a field.

Leading Innovation

The unique CropMetrics solution– field-based Sensors, world-class Science, and expert local Support— offering unparalleled service to users, is the industry’s ONLY irrigation solution that combines all three. A new CropMetrics mobile app, which represents state of the art in both usability and functionality will be released in May 2019 to deliver this technology.

Coming in 2020, the first system to integrate sensors in the field with predictive data science to adjust pivot application rates on the go utilizing machine learning to compensate for real-time crop and weather conditions. Patent Approved 2019.





“CropMetrics VO Pro does an excellent job of bringing all the factors involved in watering a crop: growth stage, environment, weather, and soil sensor data into one easy to use platform to give growers a powerful tool to plan, apply, and monitor with confidence.”

Angela M.
Nebraska Farmer

“CropMetrics’ moisture probe and VRI solutions allowed me to start irrigation later in the year and better utilize soil moisture. I was able to create a deeper rooting corn plant with this technology.”

Reggi O.
Nebraska Farmer

“My neighbor ran his pivot around 6 times before I even ran mine around once. Thanks to the Soil Moisture Probe and CropMetrics technology I was able to make accurate and timely decisions giving me the best crop yield to date. I watered way less than previous years, lowering input costs. I’ll never go without it. “

Paul G.
Nebraska Farmer

News & Insights

The latest from CropMetrics and partners.

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CropX Acquires CropMetrics to Expand U.S. Market Presence

CropX Acquires CropMetrics to Expand U.S. Market Presence

Lincoln, NE— January 13, 2020 — CropX, a leading global soil sensing and agricultural analytics company, today announced the acquisition of Nebraska-based CropMetrics, a prominent provider of cloud-based, precision-irrigation tools. Current CropMetrics and CropX...

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