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CropMetrics Articles

CropMetrics Articles

CM in the News: Kansas Field Day Showcases Water Technology Farms

August 2, 2016: T&O Farms LLC, the first Water Technology Farm, hosted more than 200 attendees to demonstrate technologies implemented  that focus on irrigating effectively from a depleting water source. CropMetrics was one of those technologies. The Field Day featured a small group of industry leaders in the area, including representatives from the K-State Research […]

Cropmetrics: Interview with Nick Emanuel, Rural Radio Network

We at CropMetrics were honored by the Fremont Chamber of Commerce with the ‘Agriculture Innovator of the Year’ award, earlier this week.  President and Founder, Nick Emanuel was humbled by the award. “It was a really nice honor to be recognized by the local community” Emanuel said.  Started by a farmer, for farmers- what began […]

CropMetrics Launches New Irrigation Data Technology

Prices are down yet input costs remain high. Profit management has become increasingly important for every grower. But there are variables in agriculture which we cannot control that cause never-ending challenges to this ever important task. This is especially true when the largest yield limiting factor, water, or the lack of water, is vastly controlled by weather. At […]

CropMetrics, DTN Announce Collaboration On Weather, Irrigation Data

CropMetrics and DTN/The Progressive Farmer announced a collaboration that will bring instant weather and irrigation scheduling information to growers. Providing the expertise and innovation from each company, the new collaboration will enable growers with real-time, site specific weather and crop modeling information dedicated to helping improve grower’s irrigation management decisions. The new program will be delivered […]

Four programs become one

Farmers who have incorporated technology into their operations take advantage of information about weather, crop modeling, soil moisture or pivot readings. Change that “or” to “and.” CropMetrics’ founder Nick Emanuel and his team have developed a new data analytics software package that combines weather, crop modeling, soil moisture and pivot information, “to give more accurate […]

Variable-rate water

Given today’s technology that permits variable-rate seeding plus fertilizer and herbicide application, it would seem that there is only one variable left – water. That’s kind of the way Roric Paulman looks at it, too. Of the nearly 7,000 acres Paulman farms south of the Platte River near Sutherland, nearly 6,000 acres are devoted to […]

Irrigator Innovator | Young Nebraska Farmer Pushes Variable-Rate Irrigation Forward

A young farmer from eastern Nebraska is pushing irrigation management to a new level of precision. Nick Emanuel, founder and president of CropMetrics, is a leader in variable rate irrigation management. The innovations he developed on his fa rm are helping growers match water application rates to soil type, conserving water and reducing yield variability. […]

Prescribe Your Water | Variable-Rate Irrigation Applies Rates by Soil Type, Topography, Yield goals

Tim Schmeeckle is learning to grow corn with less water. Precision-irrigation management is helping him and other farmers apply the right amount of water on every part of the field. Variable-rate irrigation (VRI) adjusts water application dept h for differences in soil water-holding capacity, topography and yield potential. The goal is to boost crop production […]

CropMetrics Spatial Water Optimization Technology Demonstrates Higher Crop Yields

Development of the center pivot irrigation system was driven in large part by growers’ desire to distribute water uniformly across their fields. But armed with more information about soil density, topography, and crop yields, some farmers are abandoning the uniformity approach and instead embracing technology that enables them to more precisely meet site-specific water needs. […]

Valley Irrigation and CropMetrics presented with 2011 Irrigation Association New Product Contest Award for Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) with CropMetrics VRI Optimization Service

January 5, 2012 VALLEY, Neb. (January 5, 2012) —Valley® Irrigation and CropMetrics™, a Valley Irrigation partner, were presented with the Irrigation Association New Product Contest Award in Agriculture at the 2011 Irrigation Association Show in San Diego, Calif., for Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) with CropMetrics VRI Optimization Service. This prestigious award acknowledges the highest […]

Want a Slice?

CROPMETRICS DIVIDES PIVOT IRRIGATION One size does not necessarily fit all. When it comes to watering your potatoes, differences in soil types and topographies across your fields may present substantial management challenges while having significant impact on overall quality. Applying uniform applications of water to fields with high degrees of variability inevitably results in either […]

Creating the Industry’s Leading Precision Irrigation Solution

When you combine two award-winning products, you expect great things.  Valmont Irrigation has joined forces with CropMetrics, a well-known precision agricultural data services company that specializes in variable rate irrigation technology.  The result of joining Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) and CropMetrics, both recipients of the 2011 AE50 Award from the American Society of Agricultural […]

Irrigation Meets Innovation

Variable rate technology, as a component of precision farming, is moving into many facets of agriculture, including fertilizer, seeding, fungicide and herbicide applications and its now available for irrigation systems, writes Sarah Mikesell, buy generic clomid online TheCropSite senior editor. Kevin Abts, VP of Sales and Marketing with CropMetrics in North Bend, Neb., explains that […]

Irrigating in the Zone

Since the first center pivots circled a field, the management objective has been uniform water application along the entire system, regardless of soil type, terrain or yield history.  After years of thinking, testing and tinkering, varying the rate along the system is finally emerging as a practical precision irrigation practice. Nick Emanuel, 32-year-old precision ag […]

Pivot Irrigation Technology Leap Aims to Conserve Water, Increase Crop Yield

Though advances in technology over the years have allowed irrigators to vary the speed and rate of their pivots, the inability to regulate the water delivered to more specific sections of a field based on soil composition has long resulted in over watered land.  Seeking to simultaneously conserve water and increase crop yields, a Nebraska-based […]

Valley Irrigation And CropMetrics Join Forces

Valley Irrigation, manufacturer of precision irrigation solutions, and CropMetrics, a Precision Ag data services company that specializes in variable rate irrigation technology, have formed an alliance that will allow Valley dealers to combi ne irrigation technology with data-based irrigation management solutions. “Precision Irrigation starts with building a precise water management plan,” said Craig Malsam, Valmont […]

CropMetrics Wins 2011 AE50 Award

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers recently awarded CropMetrics the prestigious 2011 AE50 Award.  The AE50 awards represent the best and the brightest technologies developed around the globe for the agricultural, food and biological systems industries. 2011 AE50 Award Winner Virtual Agronomist Pro – Automated Agronomic VRI Rx Generation Tool Virtual Agronomist Pro […]

The New Era of Precision Irrigation

In early 2000, a small company wirelessly connected the first center pivot irrigation system to the web. Pivotrac was the milestone innovation that launched a new industry comprised of simple and affordable remote management technology for any pivot. With widespread cellular networks, producers now have unlimited access to their pivots from virtually anywhere. These tools […]