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VRI Optimization

Precision Irrigation Scheduling + Precision Variable Rate Irrigation

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CropMetrics VRI Optimization = Precision Irrigation Scheduling (temporal water optimization) + Precision Variable Rate Irrigation (spatial water optimization)

The goal of CropMetrics VRI Optimization is to increase water use efficiency, improve yields and maximize profitability on irrigated crop fields with soil and/or topography variability by applying the optimum application depths of water at both the right time and the right place.  CropMetrics VRI Optimization is an affordable, fully-supported, data-driven Precision Ag solution that works for any center pivot irrigated acre and any crop type.


The following outlines the basic 5 step approach to CropMetrics VRI Optimization:

Step 1: Collect Field Data. High-resolution soil and topography field mapping is needed only one time to begin.

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Step 2: Identify Field Variability. Mapped field data is processed into base data layers to provide the foundation for all your future CropMetrics precision applications. Through professional analysis, CropMetrics Precision Data Specialists help identify variability factors throughout the field that relate to water holding capacity and yield productivity that can then be used to better understand the extent of variability and potential opportunity for CropMetrics Precision Irrigation Management solutions.

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Step 3: Optimize Irrigation Scheduling. Certified Precision Data Specialists utilize specialized agronomic software tools to determine optimum locations for monitoring your field’s soil moisture content to help you optimize your current irrigation schedule. Combine CropMetrics Full-Service Soil Moisture Monitoring for the ultimate advantage in Precision Irrigation Management!


Step 4: Optimize VRI Applications. Certified Precision Data Specialists utilize specialized agronomic software tools to generate VRI Speed Control or VRI Zone Control prescriptions to help you spatially optimize your water applications across each acre.










Step 5: Upload VRI Prescriptions. Certified Precision Data Specialists wirelessly upload multiple VRI Speed Control or VRI Zone Control prescriptions throughout the growing season to your existing position-based center pivot controllers to address any soil, topography, yield or imagery variability within your fields.

Through various Precision Partners, CropMetrics offers a variety of highly reliable and economical service options for CropMetrics VRI Optimization tailored to fit your specific crop and rotation needs.  See the new Precision Starter Program below to get started with one-time field data collection, processing, analysis and reporting.

Download New CropMetrics VRI Brochure Here