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Virtual Agronomist

Virtual Agronomist from CropMetrics is the agricultural industry’s first and only complete precision ag management solution designed for both Non-Irrigated and Irrigated acres with a unique emphasis on center pivot irrigation.  Driven by data, the new Virtual Agronomist employs a whole systems approach to affordably and reliably enhancing traditional agronomic programs.

It all starts with consulting grower clients on the latest precision ag concepts then working together to build a strategic management plan that fully integrates seed, soil, and water into a single precision program.

 Optimize every acre.

Utilizing professional data processing, specialized agronomic software and local agronomysupport, Virtual Agronomist works to help optimize farm inputs, improve crop yields and maximize profitability across every acre.

Every Virtual Agronomist acre is fully supported by a certified Precision Data Specialist with extensive local agronomy knowledge and GIS (geographic information system) software training.  These experts work to leverage grower knowledge and experience while insuring all data analysis and variable rate prescriptions are managed and delivered in a turnkey manner that does not add to, disrupt or even change normal day-to-day farming routines.

Know your variables.  Manage your inputs.  Optimize your yields.

The first step in building a strong precision foundation is to one-time collect EM (electromagenetic) survey or Veris EC (electrical conductivity) data along with RTK elevation data.  These high resolution field data collection services can often be purchased through local agronomists and ag retailers.

Once collected, CropMetrics utilizes large-scale GIS Data Processing to derive EM and Landscape Change data layers that can now be effectively utilized by the award winning Virtual Agronomist software applications to geospatially characterize field variability and start managing with true precision.

Virtual Agronomst was recently awarded the 2011 AE50 Award for top 50 new technologies in agriculture.

Variable Rate Fertilizer prescriptions along with Optimal Soil Sampling Locations can be quickly generated and delivered to help increase productivity, improve nutrient use efficiency and reduce nitrogen leeching.

Advanced Variable Rate Seeding or VRS prescriptions can be precisely generated to site-specifically increase or decrease seed populations across variable areas of the field that historically demonstrate high, average or low yields. These precision VRS prescriptions come ready-to-go and fully compatible with your variable rate seed planter.

Spatial water management.

The most important step when managing irrigation across variable soil types, topographies, seed densities and yield potentials is to implement a program that optimizes water site-specifically based on your soil’s water holding capacity and other varying field conditions.

Precision Variable Rate Irrigation prescriptions in the form of either VRI Speed Control or VRI Zone Control can be generated for any brand center pivot and even wirelessly uploaded directly  via the new VRI Optimization service provided through local CropMetrics Precision Partners.