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CropMetrics has created a new precision management program that focuses on maximizing the yield potential in each field through the implementation of enhanced precision service packages.  Virtual Agronomist is not the magic bullet that simply produces a pretty map and forgets about the next step.  Virtual Agronomist is an exclusive business model that involves a strategic alliance between the agronomist or crop consultant and the grower to deliver the latest in yield optimizing solutions with valuable agronomic advice along side grower knowledge and experience.

The VRI Optimization service utilizes a new patent pending technology aimed at revolutionizing center pivot irrigation management.  Simply put, VRI Optimization is the world’s first and only precision Variable Rate Irrigation solution that works with most any brand center pivot.

The VRI Optimization service delivers precise field data analysis for optimizing both VRI Speed Control and VRI Zone Control irrigation management.  Every VRI Optimization service comes with the basic Virtual Agronomist base management program.