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Precision Data Specialists

We believe the benefits of precision ag solutions are greatest when combined with local precision agronomy support provided by certified Precision Data Specialists.

Virtual Optimizer Pro

The ultimate solution for bringing critical precision irrigation management technologies into one, powerful, easy-to-use platform.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

With the importance of water conservation in combination with the challenge of proper irrigation, soil moisture monitoring via multi-depth sensors more than pay for themselves in the first year!

Conserve Water & Energy

CropMetrics is dedicated to delivering solutions specialized in conserving our most valuable resources. Learn how we are partnering with groups like NEEA and NEWBA to test and develop this cutting edge technology in irrigation management.

Custom VRI Prescriptions

Full customization allows growers to adjust for any situation and criteria a field requires, both preseason and in-season. Our “Wiper Rx” feature allows you to easily create a Rx to reduce over watering in corners of wiper pivots.

Advanced Yield Analysis

When integrating any type of variable rate application into a management program, properly measuring yield results and identifying future opportunity is critical to continued improvement.

Convenient Integration

Our simple-to-use technology is compatible with Valley, AgSense, Lindsay, Reinke, T&L, Field Wise and PivotTrac controllers. By allowing aggregation of additional data such as nitrogen and seeding- our software makes your job easier than ever before.

Complete Precision Ag

Once started with precision irrigation management, CropMetrics will then help determine the next precision steps such as variable seeding and fertilizer.


Value is a product of trust

Know your variables. Manage your inputs. Optimize your yields.

It all starts with building a precise management plan. Manage Irrigated or Non-Irrigated acres, CropMetrics assist you in making informed decisions…