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Soil Moisture Probes

Precision Irrigation Management Begins Here.

Full-service soil moisture monitoring program, from the leaders in precision irrigation management.

CropMetrics now delivers the most effective irrigation scheduling and soil moisture fuel gauge! No more wondering when precisely to water or questioning how much moisture is available in the soil profile. Advanced soil moisture probe technology is combined with CropMetrics Precision Data Specialists to provide complete in-season local agronomy support and recommendations to optimize water use efficiency and maximize profit.



Soil type, texture, topography, slope, yield and the grower’s own knowledge are a few of the important aspects affecting variability we analyze when beginning the program.

A local CropMetrics Certified Precision Data Specialist will install your probe in the optimum field location to maximize productivity in the determined majority soil type.

With CropMetrics Technology, you can make quick, educated irrigation decisions.

Moisture probe data drives irrigation scheduling. Combined with Virtual Optimizer crop modeling and weather data, you receive the most informed irrigation recommendation that no other company can provide.

Powered by the Virtual Optimizer Pro precision irrigation cloud portal, soil moisture data is delivered wirelessly to an easy to use website or mobile app with optional text and email alerts.

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