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What we have learned from probes this year

Lately I’ve seen many services, products, and solutions on the market for producers that deal with water management. It’s no secret that by focusing on water, there is huge potential to increase yield, increase profits, and become more efficient with our inputs. Over the past season to date, I have noticed a few agronomic events […]

Irrigation Soybeans in 2017

When it comes to irrigation, we often allocate our water management tools and technology to our corn acres vs other crops like soybeans. The thought behind this is that the repayment for investing in high quality irrigation management on soybeans isn’t as lucrative as it is with corn.  Certainly, there is an exceptionally high return […]

Agronomics of Over Irrigation – Part 2

In our last blog, our Midwest RSM, Scott Speck provided some great insight on the Agronomics of Over Watering. Now Scott follows up with more information on additional effects to over Irrigation.   I mentioned above about other detrimental effects agronomically to over irrigation. One of the big topics in management is fertility, and the nutrient […]

Soil WHC from Seed to Yield – Part 1

At CropMetrics, we consistently inform growers how VRI can influence productivity by maximizing input efficiency. But many times, people only think of VRI as an irrigation or water input tool. However, water is the catalyst of every main crop input’s success throughout the entire season and ultimately drives yield more than any other single input […]

Maximizing Majority Soil Type Means Maximizing Profit

Growers looking to maximize profitability must evaluate many factors in their overall approach. A common push is to improve efficiency on each acre within a field, and this drives growers to evaluate Variable Rate seeding and fertilizer technology. With irrigated acres, before any variable rate program can have success, you must FIRST maximize yield on the […]

CM in the News: Kansas Field Day Showcases Water Technology Farms

August 2, 2016: T&O Farms LLC, the first Water Technology Farm, hosted more than 200 attendees to demonstrate technologies implemented  that focus on irrigating effectively from a depleting water source. CropMetrics was one of those technologies. The Field Day featured a small group of industry leaders in the area, including representatives from the K-State Research […]

CM in the News: Discovery Channel Coverage

CropMetrics was recently featured on an episode of Innovations on the Discovery Channel.  Viewers are given the opportunity to learn about CropMetrics’ mission to develop and supply precision management technology solutions that increase water, nutrient and energy efficiency while practicing natural resource conservation. “We are very excited to share our story with the Innovations viewers. Today, […]

CM in the News: Town Hall Meetings

In order to ensure that Nebraskan entrepreneurs and innovators have the resources to succeed, the Venture Development and Entrepreneur Task Force is holding a series of public town hall meetings across the state. Members of the task force will be meeting with the public to hear their input. CropMetrics owner Nick Emanuel is proudly participating […]