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CropMetrics Names Lee Addams as CEO

NORTH BEND, NE – February 20, 2018 –  CropMetrics – the leader in smart irrigation services in the U.S., and developer of the Virtual Optimizer software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform– today announced the appointment of Lee Addams as its Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Addams, a current Board Member for CropMetrics, will assume the CEO role from CropMetrics […]

The Importance of Teamwork for Successful Precision Ag Adoption

Interdependency is defined as the quality or condition of being mutually reliant on each other. In the modern ag business, interdependency is also important. By default, producers are required to work with a team. While a few teammates may be employed by the operation, others are industry professionals providing a product or service to the operation. […]

Finding Your Precision Ag Mindset

A precision mindset is the most important requirement for successful precision ag technology adoption. One of my first VRI (variable rate irrigation) programs was a major failure. The field I implemented it in contained a heavy clay soil with limited infiltration potential and was highly susceptible to runoff. I decided on a standard approach to […]

Precision Ag Technology: Use It, Don’t Lose It in 2018

With the start of the New Year, I always find myself reflecting on the past year and identifying what worked well and what didn’t to focus on opportunities missed in the previous year. As I looked back in the world of precision agriculture, I was excited with the opportunities producers have with equipment, software, analysis […]

What we have learned from probes this year

Lately I’ve seen many services, products, and solutions on the market for producers that deal with water management. It’s no secret that by focusing on water, there is huge potential to increase yield, increase profits, and become more efficient with our inputs. Over the past season to date, I have noticed a few agronomic events […]

Irrigation Soybeans in 2017

When it comes to irrigation, we often allocate our water management tools and technology to our corn acres vs other crops like soybeans. The thought behind this is that the repayment for investing in high quality irrigation management on soybeans isn’t as lucrative as it is with corn.  Certainly, there is an exceptionally high return […]

Agronomics of Over Irrigation – Part 2

In our last blog, our Midwest RSM, Scott Speck provided some great insight on the Agronomics of Over Watering. Now Scott follows up with more information on additional effects to over Irrigation.   I mentioned above about other detrimental effects agronomically to over irrigation. One of the big topics in management is fertility, and the nutrient […]

Soil WHC from Seed to Yield – Part 1

At CropMetrics, we consistently inform growers how VRI can influence productivity by maximizing input efficiency. But many times, people only think of VRI as an irrigation or water input tool. However, water is the catalyst of every main crop input’s success throughout the entire season and ultimately drives yield more than any other single input […]

Maximizing Majority Soil Type Means Maximizing Profit

Growers looking to maximize profitability must evaluate many factors in their overall approach. A common push is to improve efficiency on each acre within a field, and this drives growers to evaluate Variable Rate seeding and fertilizer technology. With irrigated acres, before any variable rate program can have success, you must FIRST maximize yield on the […]

CM in the News: Kansas Field Day Showcases Water Technology Farms

August 2, 2016: T&O Farms LLC, the first Water Technology Farm, hosted more than 200 attendees to demonstrate technologies implemented  that focus on irrigating effectively from a depleting water source. CropMetrics was one of those technologies. The Field Day featured a small group of industry leaders in the area, including representatives from the K-State Research […]

CM in the News: Discovery Channel Coverage

CropMetrics was recently featured on an episode of Innovations on the Discovery Channel.  Viewers are given the opportunity to learn about CropMetrics’ mission to develop and supply precision management technology solutions that increase water, nutrient and energy efficiency while practicing natural resource conservation. “We are very excited to share our story with the Innovations viewers. Today, […]

CM in the News: Town Hall Meetings

In order to ensure that Nebraskan entrepreneurs and innovators have the resources to succeed, the Venture Development and Entrepreneur Task Force is holding a series of public town hall meetings across the state. Members of the task force will be meeting with the public to hear their input. CropMetrics owner Nick Emanuel is proudly participating […]

Cropmetrics: Interview with Nick Emanuel, Rural Radio Network

We at CropMetrics were honored by the Fremont Chamber of Commerce with the ‘Agriculture Innovator of the Year’ award, earlier this week.  President and Founder, Nick Emanuel was humbled by the award. “It was a really nice honor to be recognized by the local community” Emanuel said.  Started by a farmer, for farmers- what began […]

How to Take Action with the VO Pro in a Risk Induced Growing Season

How to Take Action with the VO Pro in a Risk Induced Growing Season Written By: Kimberly Kneifl One of the biggest obstacles growers are facing this season is whether or not to take risks. According to the Business Dictionary, the primary meaning of risk is the probability or threat of damage, injury, liability, loss, or any other negative occurrence that is […]

Crop Modeling: Predictive vs Precision Based Results

Written By: Kimberly Kneifl Crop modeling has become a mainstream concept in precision agriculture. Examining the soils, plant life and weather forecasts are all integral components capable of being quantified and analyzed for an increase in seasonal yields. In addition, working within the context of precision agriculture, growers ensure their operation is meeting and potentially […]

Ag News: Nebraska Water Dispute

Written By:  Jennifer Gruber   Last week NE State Senators heard more than 30 people testify on both sides of the fence regarding a water-transfer project designed to keep Nebraska out of future court feuds with Kansas. Nebraska has two options: 1)Reduce the amount of water that irrigators pump or 2)Increase the basin’s water supply. […]

Technology helps farmers decide how to best use limited water

CropMetrics PDS Ian deWaal from northwest Kansas explains how CropMetrics precision irrigation improved corn yields by 15 bushels and saved 6″ of water by less application using a combination of VRI and soil moisture probes. “The neat thing is we’re not wasting water with overirrigation and runoff,” deWaal says. “But the main benefit is keeping […]

CropMetrics Launches New Irrigation Data Technology

Prices are down yet input costs remain high. Profit management has become increasingly important for every grower. But there are variables in agriculture which we cannot control that cause never-ending challenges to this ever important task. This is especially true when the largest yield limiting factor, water, or the lack of water, is vastly controlled by weather. At […]

CropMetrics, DTN Announce Collaboration On Weather, Irrigation Data

CropMetrics and DTN/The Progressive Farmer announced a collaboration that will bring instant weather and irrigation scheduling information to growers. Providing the expertise and innovation from each company, the new collaboration will enable growers with real-time, site specific weather and crop modeling information dedicated to helping improve grower’s irrigation management decisions. The new program will be delivered […]

Four programs become one

Farmers who have incorporated technology into their operations take advantage of information about weather, crop modeling, soil moisture or pivot readings. Change that “or” to “and.” CropMetrics’ founder Nick Emanuel and his team have developed a new data analytics software package that combines weather, crop modeling, soil moisture and pivot information, “to give more accurate […]

A New Year, A New You

It is that time of year again where transformations seem possible; where looking forward takes precedence over looking back. But ultimately, it is a time where people reach to achieve new heights. And one of the leading New Year’s resolutions for the year of 2014 was to eat healthy and exercise regularly. While there is […]

CropMetrics Gives Thanks

Once again, the wind whips through the open fields of Nebraska as the weather turns from the balmy 60-degree temperatures of October into something more seasonally appropriate. While the chaos of Thanksgiving finally settles, and we hunker down and listen to the howling winds from indoors, we thought it would be appropriate to briefly highlight […]

The Stalk Rot Problem

As the end of September approaches, our thoughts begin to shift from growing a healthy crop to the harvest. While to the general public, the job of counting population stands to ensure a crop sustained the hard hits earlier in the season (particularly throughout Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa) might seem like the apex of […]

Farming: It’s a Lifestyle

The average age of a retiring American worker is 62. At this age, and well before, many hard working individuals set aside funds in order to live comfortably throughout their golden years. But the farmer appears to be traversing a different route—where both the path to retirement and to continue working the field are one […]

The Romantic Farm in the Digital Age

Farming embodies a rugged romanticism. From driving through fields upon fields of brown wheat to the linear rows of corn quilting our highways and byways throughout the western Corn Belt, our profession can appear quiet and beautiful, even to an observant outsider. In addition, the exhumed 1978 Carter administration message, which turned into a Super […]

The Changing Value of Soil Over Time

“The challenge of ensuring future food security as the population continues to grow, and as diets change, has its roots in soil.” That’s what Orion Samuelson  stated in one of the key topics covered this week in Farm Progress America. Some consider topsoil, the uppermost portion of the soil horizon where minerals mix with humus […]

Hyper-Locality In Precision Ag?

For Precision Ag to work, it must be local. It must be hyper-local.  The terminology hyper-local caught our attention in a recent Professional Ag piece aimed at fostering an approach for growers and any agronomic professionals to gather information during the up-and-coming season of summer conferences. Hyper-local, a term used more in the scope of […]

Hail in the Heartland

As the weather reigned down with a commanding presence last Tuesday afternoon, eastern portions of Nebraska and sections of western Iowa experienced the destruction first hand. Washington County was one of the worst hit locations. Just north of Omaha, the blows of baseball-sized hail and sheer winds left a mark in the cities and countryside. […]

CropMetrics Precision Data Specialists: Keeping Things In Focus

An interesting article on AG Professional summarized the complexity that agribusinesses face in the technologically-advanced world of precision agriculture. Consultants and agronomists are continually inundated with new technology, as well as the fluctuating variables growers face throughout the season on their site-specific fields. The urge for consultants to just sell more product without considering the […]

Overcoming the Data-to-Knowledge Disconnect in Precision Agriculture

As we kick off the 2014 growing season, we wanted to discuss the concerns that professionals in the field of agriculture consider to be inhibitors to adopting precision irrigation methods, and how CropMetrics helps to combat each disconnect. Illinois farmer John Reifsteck, an early adopter of precision agricultural management techniques, became a source of knowledge […]

Maximizing Root Zone Utilization: A Key to Precision Irrigation Management (Part II)

In our last post, Maximizing Root Zone Utilization: A Key to Precision Irrigation Management, we discussed the importance of available water utilization for each growth stage. We determined that water and nutrient use efficiency, as well as yield potential, are relative to how well the plant utilizes water throughout the root zone. In order to […]

Maximizing Root Zone Utilization: A Key to Precision Irrigation Management

As we have seen in recent posts, traditional methods of irrigating acres based on the lightest soil type are not as profitable or as environmentally sound as the CropMetrics Optimized Irrigation Practice. Growers looking to increase their overall profit while only utilizing the necessary resources at hand are experiencing success with irrigating the majority soil […]

Celebrating National Ag Day

On Tuesday, we celebrated National Ag Day, and this year marks 41 years that the Agriculture Council of America (ACA) has been promoting public awareness of agriculture to our society. The ACA brings awareness to the public by promoting four core values held by National Ag Day: Understand how food and fiber products are produced. […]

The Benefits of VRI

In our last post, the Importance of Optimal Probe Location (and the CropMetrics Difference), we addressed the importance of understanding the soil properties of each site-specific operation. Soils are complex natural materials, with an emphasis on complex. In order for optimal plant growth to occur, the foundation of the soil should be composed of four […]

The Importance of Optimal Probe Location (and the CropMetrics Difference)

Growers know that one of the main components to a successful operation lies in understating the complexities of soil. Each site-specific operation has the potential to contain multiple physical and chemical properties within the soil structure. In fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service heads up the National Cooperative Soil Survey, which […]

The Advancement of Imagery in the Field of Agriculture

Imagery has been an integral portion of understanding site-specific variables in the field of agriculture since its inception in the 1930s. Primarily, aerial photography was used as a land management tool of agricultural resources by the United States Department of Agriculture. The USDA’s Farm Service Agency acquires aerial photography of agricultural lands on a five-year […]

The Changing Face of Agriculture

Along with the topic of economics and conservation addressed in last week’s post, the 2014 Agricultural Outlook Forum also provides an opportunity for growers to learn about what is shaping agricultural business of tomorrow, as well as the science of today’s operations. This year marked the 90th anniversary of the Agricultural Outlook Forum. With topics […]

Sinks and Soil Moisture Probes: A Look at the Future of Nitrogen

The future of food, feed, fuel and fiber production is in a state of constant fluctuation. Producers, scientists, educators, and the government are all in contention on how to produce more for the ever-growing global population while working with less. Finding the perfect balance of operational inputs—such as water and nitrogen—can be challenging and requires […]

The Economics of Conservation

One of the hot topics addressed last week in our post, Constraints Become Opportunities: Prairie Pothole Region, was the opportunity for growers to have options when deciding how to produce in regions where wetlands and grasslands could be compromised. With $35 million allocated to the Prairie Pothole National Priority Area over the next three years, […]

Constraints Become Opportunities for Growers: The Prairie Pothole Region

Working with the opportunities and constraints on each site-specific field is essential for optimizing yields and conserving our natural resources. Yet, the parameters of landscapes dotted with stretches of riparian land can be challenging for the grower looking to reach an optimal yield. Prairie Pothole glaciated lands span from the Northeastern section of Canada down […]

Agriculture.com Posts Video Interviews with Kylen Hunt from the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show

CropMetrics was recently at the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show, and while there, our own Kylen Hunt, PDS Manager here at CropMetrics, was interviewed about Variable Rate Irrigation and CropMetrics’ VRI technology. VRI is a very hot topic in the world of precision agriculture right now, and we wanted to share the interviews with everyone […]

The Demographics of Agriculture, Part I: Young Farmers and Precision Ag

Recently, young growers in Nebraska have voiced an interest in technological advances accompanying the management of agricultural operations. These same growers are also concerned with conserving our natural resources and protecting the overall environment. The desire for young growers to use technology in their operations came to light at the Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference […]

Yield Data: Helping Make the Move to Precision Agriculture

The conversation about big data in agriculture can be quite daunting. At this large-scale level, many growers may be wondering how big data relates to their site-specific operations—especially growers looking to navigate their way into the precision agriculture arena. Growers who were forerunners in the early adoption of precision agricultural methods understand the importance of […]

Powerful Answers: The Power of Sustainable Agriculture

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftznZT36JWw CropMetrics believes in the power of sustainable agriculture—and the data is at your fingertips. Verizon, too, believes in the power of technology to solve a number of world’s biggest challenges. And sustainability in agriculture is near the top of Verizon’s featured list of powerful answers. To quote Verizon: Verizon has partnered with systems integrators […]

ROI and Precision Agriculture

Agronomic solutions, such as CropMetrics’ specialized precision irrigation management tools, are helping growers achieve optimal yields while increasing water, nutrient and energy efficiency. Coupled with a tangible return on investment, CropMetrics also equips growers with the ability to conserve natural resources and improve time management of each site-specific operation. According to the 2007 Census for […]

Precision Ag Goals for the 2014 Season (and How We Can Help You Achieve Them)

Over the past few posts, we’ve discussed what the future of agriculture holds. We’ve found complexity in our legislative process and an uncertain future with regard to the farm bill. And although growers have opportunities to positively impact federal policies and procedures on a holistic level through supplemental Farm and Ranch Irrigation surveys, as well […]

Happy Holidays from CropMetrics!

Here at CropMetrics, we wanted to take a moment to reflect upon the holiday season. Our mission to develop and supply precision management technology solutions that increase water, nutrient and energy use efficiency while fostering natural resource conservation has always been coupled with building long-term relationships with customers and clients. And today, we wanted to […]

CropMetrics and the Sentek TriSCAN

CropMetrics offers a unique approach to precision agriculture with the Soil Moisture Monitoring program. The program, designed to simplify and improve irrigation management for growers, combines state-of-the-art technology probes with high-technology soil moisture data delivered virtually to the cloud-based software, Virtual Optimizer. In addition, the CropMetrics Soil Moisture Monitoring program is fully supported by a […]

Updates on the Farm Bill, Part II: Addressing Uncertainty in 2014

Educating customers on cost-saving solutions is just one of the many differences which propels CropMetrics to the forefront of precision agriculture technology. And keeping our customers informed of current agricultural agendas and current market trends, which could have an impact on the whole system, is essential for growers looking to make informed precision agriculture decisions. […]

CropMetrics Solutions to Barriers to Making Precision Agriculture Improvements, Part II

Last Thursday, we discussed the barriers growers face when deciding to add precision agriculture methods to their site-specific operations. And as we can see, in recent years, irrigation improvements for some growers have been put on the backburner due to cost, priority, risk and limitations. Cost contributed to a little over half of the barriers […]

CropMetrics Solutions to Barriers to Making Precision Agriculture Improvements

In the past few posts, we’ve discussed the importance of managing water resources, and how CropMetrics precision agriculture technologies advance success rates. From a dedicated Precision Data Specialist assigned to each soil moisture probe, to achieving optimum probe placement with the Virtual Agronomist OptiProbe feature, CropMetrics replaces traditional methods of production with great success. Statistically […]

The Basics of CropMetrics Optimal Moisture Probe Placement

As we discussed in Thursday’s post, precision agriculture involves a systems approach. Understanding and working with the combination of economic and environmental factors is critical to maximizing results and managing resources. CropMetrics adds a human factor to the systems approach by supplying agronomic expertise with each highly trained Precision Data Specialist. Deciphering agronomic data for […]

Effectively Using Moisture Probes

The trends that we discussed in our post, Managing Your Yearly Water Allocation, indicate that traditional methods for determining when to irrigate, such as feeling the soil for moisture content, are still widely used in agriculture. But with an array of variables affecting yields–like drought and more rigorous water allocation limits–more growers are turning to precision […]

Get to Know Nick Lammers, CropMetrics Moisture Probe Manager

We’ve highlighted the importance of managing water resources with moisture probes over our last few posts. And as you well know, with the technological advancements happening in the field of precision agriculture, it’s no longer viable in many situations to rely upon conventional methods for determining a water schedule. CropMetrics’ Soil Moisture Probe Optimization offers growers […]

Irrigation in the Western Corn Belt: A 4 State Breakdown

Today’s advanced methods of precision farming take the guesswork out of managing irrigated acres. Conventional practices, such as visual assessments of soil type and moisture, are starting to be replaced with statistical analysis and mapping. From a visual standpoint, Nebraska appears to have an overabundance of ground water to draw from for irrigation practices. Almost […]

Managing Your Yearly Water Allocation

Two primary water resources are harnessed for agricultural use: ground water and surface water. While the western Corn Belt consists of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Iowa, Nebraska has always been in a unique agricultural position due to what is hidden below the surface–the Ogallala Aquifer. But even the Ogallala Aquifer, Nebraska’s primary […]

First Application Deadline for EQIP Funds Is October 19th

An NRCS grant program which would cost share moisture probes like the ones offered by us here at CropMetrics has a first-round application deadline of October 19th. The NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Program, or EQIP, is a voluntary program that provides financial and technical assistance to agricultural producers through contracts up to a maximum term of […]

Variable-rate water

Given today’s technology that permits variable-rate seeding plus fertilizer and herbicide application, it would seem that there is only one variable left – water. That’s kind of the way Roric Paulman looks at it, too. Of the nearly 7,000 acres Paulman farms south of the Platte River near Sutherland, nearly 6,000 acres are devoted to […]

T-L Adds Web Based Irrigation Management Tool

Precision Link from T-L Irrigation and AgSense LLC delivers full remote pivot control and monitoring capabilities. T-L Irrigation Co., manufacturer of hydrostatically powered pivot and linear irrigation systems, announces the Precisi on Link, the latest advancement in web based irrigation management from T-L’s family of pivot management systems. Developed by AgSense, LLC and T-L, the […]

Irrigator Innovator | Young Nebraska Farmer Pushes Variable-Rate Irrigation Forward

A young farmer from eastern Nebraska is pushing irrigation management to a new level of precision. Nick Emanuel, founder and president of CropMetrics, is a leader in variable rate irrigation management. The innovations he developed on his fa rm are helping growers match water application rates to soil type, conserving water and reducing yield variability. […]

Prescribe Your Water | Variable-Rate Irrigation Applies Rates by Soil Type, Topography, Yield goals

Tim Schmeeckle is learning to grow corn with less water. Precision-irrigation management is helping him and other farmers apply the right amount of water on every part of the field. Variable-rate irrigation (VRI) adjusts water application dept h for differences in soil water-holding capacity, topography and yield potential. The goal is to boost crop production […]

CropMetrics Spatial Water Optimization Technology Demonstrates Higher Crop Yields

Development of the center pivot irrigation system was driven in large part by growers’ desire to distribute water uniformly across their fields. But armed with more information about soil density, topography, and crop yields, some farmers are abandoning the uniformity approach and instead embracing technology that enables them to more precisely meet site-specific water needs. […]

University of California’s First Center Pivot Irrigation System to Be Dedicated Next Month

In a sign of changing times in California agriculture, the University of California will dedicate its first full-sized center pivot overhead irrigation system at the UC West Side Research and Extension Center during the Twilight Conservation Agri culture field day at 4 p.m. on Sept. 13. The center is at 17353 W. Oakland Ave. in […]

Experts Weigh In On The State Of Precision, Part 1

Growers, retailers, consultants and manufacturers are struggling to keep up with quickly evolving technology trends in agriculture. To help identify the top trends and most pressing needs in precision agriculture, we enlisted the opinions of key experts, giving them 400 words apiece to make their cases. Data collection, management and compatibility appeared most often, but […]

Precision Irrigation

Irrigation technology has come a long way in the past decade, and equipment designers and manufacturers aren’t done yet. Growers can expect to see continued advances, even to center pivot systems that already have the ability to achieve 80 to 85 percent water application efficiency when properly maintained. What kind of improvements can growers expect […]

Valley Irrigation and CropMetrics presented with 2011 Irrigation Association New Product Contest Award for Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) with CropMetrics VRI Optimization Service

January 5, 2012 VALLEY, Neb. (January 5, 2012) —Valley® Irrigation and CropMetrics™, a Valley Irrigation partner, were presented with the Irrigation Association New Product Contest Award in Agriculture at the 2011 Irrigation Association Show in San Diego, Calif., for Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) with CropMetrics VRI Optimization Service. This prestigious award acknowledges the highest […]

On the Doorsteps of the Information Age

Recent Adoption of Precision Agriculture David Schimmelpfennig and Robert Ebel The adoption of precision agriculture, which encompasses a suite of farm-level information technologies, can improve the efficiency of input use and reduce environmental harm from the overapplication of inputs such as fertilizer and pesticides. Still, the adoption of precision agricultural technologies and practices has been […]

Ag’s Greatest Challenge – 3

The Food Futurists TRUMAN, Minn. (DTN) — Satisfying the world’s demand for food goes far beyond farmers producing more per acre. There are countless complicated and interrelated factors that also play a hand in doubling production by 2050 — trade policy, infrastructure, politics, economics, education, technology and climate, to name a few. We posed questions […]

Nebraska Irrigators Team with Private Companies to Launch Variable Rate Irrigation Demonstration Project

Innovative water-saving technology is getting a foothold in southwest Nebraska fields thanks to a private-public partnership that could be a template for managers across the country trying to make the most of every drop of water. Nebraska’s Upper Republican Natural Resources District (URNRD) and area irrigators have teamed with three private companies to launch a […]

Want a Slice?

CROPMETRICS DIVIDES PIVOT IRRIGATION One size does not necessarily fit all. When it comes to watering your potatoes, differences in soil types and topographies across your fields may present substantial management challenges while having significant impact on overall quality. Applying uniform applications of water to fields with high degrees of variability inevitably results in either […]

Creating the Industry’s Leading Precision Irrigation Solution

When you combine two award-winning products, you expect great things.  Valmont Irrigation has joined forces with CropMetrics, a well-known precision agricultural data services company that specializes in variable rate irrigation technology.  The result of joining Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) and CropMetrics, both recipients of the 2011 AE50 Award from the American Society of Agricultural […]

Irrigation Meets Innovation

Variable rate technology, as a component of precision farming, is moving into many facets of agriculture, including fertilizer, seeding, fungicide and herbicide applications and its now available for irrigation systems, writes Sarah Mikesell, buy generic clomid online TheCropSite senior editor. Kevin Abts, VP of Sales and Marketing with CropMetrics in North Bend, Neb., explains that […]

Irrigating in the Zone

Since the first center pivots circled a field, the management objective has been uniform water application along the entire system, regardless of soil type, terrain or yield history.  After years of thinking, testing and tinkering, varying the rate along the system is finally emerging as a practical precision irrigation practice. Nick Emanuel, 32-year-old precision ag […]

Pivot Irrigation Technology Leap Aims to Conserve Water, Increase Crop Yield

Though advances in technology over the years have allowed irrigators to vary the speed and rate of their pivots, the inability to regulate the water delivered to more specific sections of a field based on soil composition has long resulted in over watered land.  Seeking to simultaneously conserve water and increase crop yields, a Nebraska-based […]

Precison Agriculture Moves Farming Forward

Farmers are nothing if not an innovative lot. About 20 years ago that innovation and creativity brought about the precision agriculture revolution. Using new technologies, farmers for the first time had data available to them to enhance their decision-making skills, improve their efficiency and boost their yields. The early years “Precision agriculture is an information-based […]

Valley Irrigation And CropMetrics Join Forces

Valley Irrigation, manufacturer of precision irrigation solutions, and CropMetrics, a Precision Ag data services company that specializes in variable rate irrigation technology, have formed an alliance that will allow Valley dealers to combi ne irrigation technology with data-based irrigation management solutions. “Precision Irrigation starts with building a precise water management plan,” said Craig Malsam, Valmont […]

CropMetrics Wins 2011 AE50 Award

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers recently awarded CropMetrics the prestigious 2011 AE50 Award.  The AE50 awards represent the best and the brightest technologies developed around the globe for the agricultural, food and biological systems industries. 2011 AE50 Award Winner Virtual Agronomist Pro – Automated Agronomic VRI Rx Generation Tool Virtual Agronomist Pro […]

The New Era of Precision Irrigation

In early 2000, a small company wirelessly connected the first center pivot irrigation system to the web. Pivotrac was the milestone innovation that launched a new industry comprised of simple and affordable remote management technology for any pivot. With widespread cellular networks, producers now have unlimited access to their pivots from virtually anywhere. These tools […]

Treasure Maps

The more you know about your fields, the better chance you have of unlocking the treasures that lie within them. Yield maps and grid maps have answered many questions (while raising others). But now there are even more ways of gathering information and gaining perspective on the land you farm. Several of them don’t cost […]

Crop Sensors Build Business

Bernie Paulson, crop consultant, McPherson Ag, and Tony Jacobs, agronomist, Crystal Valley Co-op, get excited about on-the-go crop canopy sensing and variable rate technology (VRT) nitrogen application. For both, the new te chnology is a way to leverage their expertise to maximize customer yield potential and solidify customer relationships. What both are equally quick to […]

Plowing Forward

North Bend’s Nick Emanuel is leading agriculture’s technological revolution These days it takes more than seeds, dirt and hard work to be a successful farmer. A technological revolution taking place in agriculture means farmers are more likely to employ orbiting satellites in their farming operation than they are a five bottom plow. When Nick Emanuel […]

Farming in the Zone

High input costs are making variable-rate application more valuable Precision farming technology is changing the size and shape of farm fields—without ever moving a fence row. Thanks to global positioning and variable-rate application, farmers are able to manage areas within fields according to their productivity. Soils with similar capability are grouped into management zones, so […]

Precision Agriculture Advancing Rapidly

Satellite guidance systems for tractors burst upon the American agriculture scene in the 1990s, leading the way to an era of precision agriculture that has quickly matured, with many opportunities ahead. The mechanization of American agriculture has been ranked as one of the top 10 engineering accomplishments of the past century, right alongside the invention […]

Precision Agriculture Moves Farming Forward

Farmers are nothing if not an innovative lot. About 20 years ago that innovation and creativity brought about the precision agriculture revolution. Using new technologies, farmers for the first time had data available to them to enhance thei r decision-making skills, improve their efficiency and boost their yields. The early years “Precision agriculture is an […]

Variable Rate Irrigation Saves Water, Protects Sensitive Areas

Site-specific farming is about applying just the right amount of crop inputs for each different soil condition. Seed, crop chemicals, fertilizer: all can be precisely placed to match the soil type, terrain and crop needs. Now, add water to that list. New irrigation systems use GPS guidance and accurate controllers to put necessary water where […]

Variable Rate < The Big Story

/* tags”, enterURL: “Enter the URL”, enterImageURL: “Enter the URL of the image”, enterImageDescription: “Enter a description of the image” }; try{convertEntities(quicktagsL10n);}catch(e){}; /* ]]> */ edToolbar() Perhaps the biggest overlooked ag story today, with nary a neon sign signaling its significance, is variable-rate technology. I remember first writing about it 10 years ago. At the […]

ARS: Aerial Imagery System Helps Save Water in Irrigation Systems

Agricultural Research Service scientists are developing a system that saves water by using aerial imagery and ground-based sensors to determine the irriga tion needs of small sections of cultivated fields. Conventional irrigation practices, even when based on modern management and water application techniques, can be wasteful because they assume crop water needs are the same […]