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Irrigation Information

Providing irrigated agriculture the technological information needed to increase yields and maximize profits.

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Learn how precision irrigation can be profitable in your operation

CropMetrics is dedicated to bringing to the industry valuable information and education on precision irrigation. We understand people have many options for ag technology and the number of options will continue to grow rapidly as new technology is released each day. The adoption of technology will be limited to understanding the real value and how it works for each grower, and every field. CropMetrics is excited to announce the release of a NEW YouTube channel dedicated to enhancing and educating how precision irrigation can deliver profit for you. Please subscribe to “Irrigation Information” on YouTube today!

what is precision irrigation video

What is Precision Irrigation?

How should we be thinking when we hear the words ``Precision Irrigation``? In this short video we give a high level overview of Precision Irrigation and what it entails.
vri types video

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Types

The three basic but different types of VRI on the market today.
vo pro overview video

Virtual Optimizer (VO) Pro Overview

A high level overview of VO Pro and the value it brings to producers.
end tower controllers video

EndTower Pivot Controllers

Different controllers for VRI. These controllers are end tower systems that allow for remote access when running VRI.
what are capacitance probes

What are Capacitance Probes?

Are capacitance probes complicated? We don't believe so. Here is a short video simplifying the standard capacitance probe.
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