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Increase Yields

See how CropMetrics can impact your bottom line today.

There are two ways to achieve better margins:

  1. Decreasing input costs
  2. Improving yield.

The key is not removing an input that will create more yield, but finding a good mix. Industry experts agree that best option is to figure out how to increase yields in order to meet the cost/bushel goal a grower has.


Using EVERY input at efficiently and effectively as possibly is key. Water will have more impact on yields than any other input this year.* Make sure your operation is maximizing the efficiency of irrigation this year. Learn how utilizing the right amount of water, at the right time and in the right location can affect your bottom line this season.

Find your savings with CropMetrics

Financial Results after incorporating CropMetrics systems

Average per acre yield increase

Average per acre additional income (includes cost of CropMetrics system)

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*Over capacity soils will reduce the effectiveness  of VRI.

**The above results are based on conservative estimates using our systems. While every field may experience different results, many growers report 15%+ increases.