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Variable Rate Irrigation

Beautifully suited for all your crop needs

Optimize water, maximize profit

Increase water use efficiency and improve production on irrigated crop fields by applying the optimum application depths of water at both the right time and the right place.

  • Proven
  • Affordable.
  • Data-driven.
  • Works with any center pivot irrigated acre
  • Supports all crop types
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Simple-to-use cloud software

New web-based software allows any grower and field to
easily adapt to VRI – Speed or Zone control. VRI begins with accurately identifying and understanding each field’s variability factors—soil, topography, yield, or other influences. Start any field by establishing management zones and proprietary Virtual Profiles™ to easily generate VRI prescriptions. CropMetrics VRI is compatible with your
current precision ag software programs to utilize the same management zones and match water applications to other important inputs such as seed and nitrogen to improve overall efficiency for a true agronomic systems approach.


Full customization allows growers to adjust for any situation and criteria a field requires, both preseason and in-season. Our “Wiper Rx” feature allows you to easily create a Rx to reduce over watering in corners of
wiper pivots.

Upload imagery from drones, plane or satellite in-season to make spatial irrigation applications that targets crop water deficit stress.


Applying the optimum level of irrigation is more
important than ever. As the single most valuable natural
resource, applying excess irrigation is an unnecessary cost,
leaches nitrogen, and can even lower yields. Applying too
little irrigation, and yield potential is limited. CropMetrics
maximizes crop yields and increases profit through
integrated precision irrigation solutions.


Locally Certified Precision Data Specialists are available
to support your requirements for VRI Speed Control
or VRI Zone Control prescriptions to help you spatially
optimize your water applications across each acre, while
understanding your operation, management practices,
and current weather conditions.


University research shows that over-irrigation can result in yield losses of 8-15 bu/ac due to increased crop stress caused by nutrient leaching, higher disease, and more anaerobic soil conditions (UNL, Irmak, 2008). CropMetrics VRI trials have proven to increase yield by more then 25 bu/ac in zones with decreased water applications!

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