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Variable Rate Fertilizer

The benefits of Variable Rate Fertilizer include increased productivity, improved nutrient use efficiency, reduced nitrogen leeching and ultimately increased grower revenue.  Once you have built your field’s base data layer foundation, CropMetrics will identify the appropriate opportunity for adding a sound variable rate nutrient program for each individual field.  CropMetrics does not offer a quick fix; instead, it focuses on improving yield productivity continuously over time through a precise systems approach.

JD NH3 inseason

By accurately deriving yield productivity zones from Advanced Data Analysis, Variable Rate Fertilizer (both nitrogen and other nutrients) can be calculated to maximize inputs and increase yield potential.  When combined with a Variable Rate Seeding and Variable Rate Irrigation program, yields can be pushed to maximum levels of production in each and every acre of any given field.    Now, with a fully packaged precision service program, agronomists and crop consultants can simply and reliably deliver growers highly profitable management solutions.