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Soil Moisture Probe Optimization


Making Money Gas Gauge

The most accurate soil moisture fuel gauge!

CropMetrics Probe RTU

CropMetrics now delivers the most effective irrigation scheduling and soil moisture fuel gauge!  No more wondering when to precisely water or questioning how much moisture is available in the soil profile.  Advanced soil moisture probe technology is combined with CropMetrics Precision Data Specialists to provide complete in-season local agronomy support and recommendations to optimize water use efficiency and maximize profit.  The CropMetrics Soil Moisture Monitoring program is a full-service approach from installation to end of season moisture probe removal.  The CropMetrics Soil Moisture Monitoring Program was developed to simplify and improve irrigation management for growers first and foremost.  Powered by the Virtual Optimizer precision irrigation web portal, soil moisture data is delivered wirelessly to an easy to use website with optional text and email alerts.

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Time to Water

Combine Soil Moisture Scheduling with VRI for the ultimate advantage in Precision Irrigation Management.

Most importantly, CropMetrics is dedicated to providing the highest quality in-season support through locally trained and certified Precision Data Specialists.  By starting with the optimal placement of your soil moisture probe, Precision Data Specialists begin with a critical advantage only CropMetrics can offer through precision Optimum Probe Location.  Then, throughout the season, specialized agronomic support is provided to optimize water applications to strategically apply water at the right time and the right amount that matches root zone development and crop water use.   Precision Data Specialists are dedicated to helping you interpret the in-depth graphical data that multi-depth soil moisture monitoring provides and assists you in making more informed and accurate irrigation decisions.  Then utilizing a systems approach, only CropMetrics can add the most advanced Variable Rate Irrigation solution on the market today for the ULTIMATE ADVANTAGE in Precision Irrigation Management!  No other program can assure this much value for your investment!





There is no question that water conservation is one of the most important factors effecting today’s agricultural industry.  Improving crop water use efficiency through advanced technology will not only improve your bottom line, but also help preserve our most natural resource for generations to come.  A 3-year ‘Quantify the Value’ study of soil moisture monitoring performed by Fontanelle Hybrids proved an average water savings of 2 inches per acre in addition to a reduction in energy costs and a yield improvement of nearly 6 bu/ac per moisture probe.  For more success stories and CropMetrics Precision Irrigation Management yield results, see Success Results.  

Farmers and Tablet PC

Stay tuned for more cutting edge development coming soon to the CropMetrics Soil Moisture Monitoring Program!

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