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Custom VRI Prescriptions

Every field is field specific, and individual irrigation situations vary at the same time. Having the ability to Customize VRI Prescriptions on an as-needed basis provides growers more flexibility to benefit from this powerful technology. Only CropMetrics combines locally certified Precision Data Specialists with the elite Virtual Agronomist software to generate unlimited custom VRI prescriptions at anytime to spatially optimize irrigation for conserving water all while maximizing yields.

Real-time precision irrigation management with Custom VRI Prescriptions is designed to address variable field, climate and crop conditions all under the same pivot (see below).

For improving yields on the high ground and reducing water and nitrogen runoff, VRI prescriptions can be generated from Virtual Agronomist to increase irrigation on the tops of hills and ridges.

For responding to rainfall events, single rotation VRI prescriptions can be wirelessly uploaded to just target the driest soils in the field.  This allows soils with lower water holding capacities to more quickly receive irrigation while at the same time allowing soils with higher water holding capacities to use up the good rain water and not be over-irrigated.

In deficit water situations, Rain VRI prescriptions can be efficiently used to temporarily avoid shutting down at the risk of the pivot getting stuck or falling behind on irrigation without wasting any water or suffering any yield loss due to either under or over-irrigation.

For wind stress, VRI prescriptions can be easily programmed to increase irrigation to any edge of the field that shows crop damage or potential yield loss as determined by visual observation.

For split crop rotations, data can be used to identify the best soils then VRI prescriptions can be easily generated for both pre-planting water as well as to match water application depths to the needs of the individual crops.  These prescriptions can be used to help insure full irrigation on the most valuable crops regardless of in-season precipitation.

For optional In-Season Imagery service, VRI prescriptions can be adjusted to target more irrigation and even nitrogen fertilizer to areas that typically yield well but indicate low crop vigor in-season.

For optional Variable Rate Seeding prescriptions, VRI prescriptions can more precisely match irrigation to increased or decreased seed densities to further optimize yields.

For wiper pivots or pivots that reverse, VRI prescriptions can be smartly adjusted to speed into and out of each reverse.  These prescriptions help insure more uniformly managed application depths at the field edges while preventing over-irrigation and slower overall windshield wipes.