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Advanced Data Analysis

One of the initial steps in developing a strategic precision management implementation plan is Advanced Data Analysis conducted utilizing multiple years of yield data to identify consistent yield variability patterns over time.  With knowledge gained from everything involved in the crop production, the cause and extent of the yield variability can be determined.









EM and Topography Variability have been proven to exhibit a strong influence on yield variability.  Advanced Data Analysis can help growers precisely identify which soil types are managed best, which soil types give the highest returns for future management and which soil types have opportunity for improvement.   At the same time, it helps in understanding yield loss influenced from multiple variables.









Once any type of precision management program is implemented, yearly Advanced Data Analysis is critical to determine where improvements were made, and where further opportunity exists.  Without this level of analysis, the level of yield improvement will plateau before it is maximized. CropMetrics Precision Data Specialists can ensure that the opportunity on every acre is identified and maximized through Advanced Data Analysis.