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In dryland situations, Virtual Agronomist matches farm inputs based on variable yield potential goals to maximize production on every acre.  Without the direct influence of irrigation, focus is shifted to identifying optimal water drainage by utilizing quality elevation data.  CropMetrics processes and delivers elevation data in a format that allows growers to identify management opportunities to improve availability of rainfed water and drainage.

Multiple years of Advanced Data Analysis will identify variable rate application opportunities aimed at optimizing yield potential on the varying soil type and topography present in each field.  As a result, Virtual Agronomist now allows growers to maximize yield production on Non-Irrigated acres as well as Irrigated ground.

New for Non-Irrigated applications, Virtual Agronomist will identify an Optimum Probe Location for precisely placing a single soil moisture probe within a Non-Irrigated field.  By combining real-time soil moisture data with the fixed spatial soil variation of the field, Virtual Agronomist can automatically determine the range of soil moisture throughout the field based on the available water holding capacity of the corresponding soils and the current probe reading.  The resulting output is then used to alert growers as to exactly when the soil moisture range across the entire field is acceptable for seeding and fertilizer applications.

No matter where you farm or which farming practices you embrace, our local CropMetrics Precision Partners can tailor a complete precision management solution to complement your current agronomic program.  They will provide you a complete and affordable precision ag package delivered right to your home.