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Specializing in precise agronomic irrigation management solutions.

Growing more food with less water is one of the most important challenges facing humanity in the 21st century.  Rising global population, increasing competition and frequent droughts are creating more pressure to use water as efficiently as possible.  Overuse of water, fertilizer and chemicals combined with inefficient irrigation practices may lead to soils that are polluted and less productive.  The resulting economic impact of this phenomenon combined with the potential for increased global conflicts and mass starvation are staggering.  The answer to this challenge, in part, may lie in newer, smarter technologies and better overall resource management.

In the U.S., irrigation accounts for 70% of the total fresh water withdrawals.  Globally, irrigated agriculture currently contributes to 40 percent of the world’s food production.  In the endless effort to supply human beings with sustainable amounts of food, fuel, fiber and feed, water is undoubtedly the planet’s single most valuable natural resource.  As the global population continues to expand by an average 6 million persons each month, we must find new and innovative ways to grow more with less.

When applying water to your crops with center pivot, subsurface drip or gravity fed irrigation, Virtual Agronomist can help you better manage your allocations.


No matter where you farm or which farming practices you embrace, our local CropMetrics Precision Partners can tailor a complete precision management solution to complement your current agronomic program.  They will provide you a complete and affordable precision ag package delivered right to your home.