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About Us

CropMetrics LLC

Formed in early 2009, CropMetrics is a pioneering commercial enterprise well positioned to become the premier agronomic data services provider of packaged precision ag solutions with heavy emphasis in the center pivot irrigation market.  CropMetrics develops and sells expert, formula-based management programs that include professional data processing, specialized agronomic software, wireless VRT compatibility and GIS software consultation and training.  The seamless integration of these unique offerings provides the framework for large-scale, data-driven agronomic services that are readily marketed and supported by various ag retailers and crop consultants.

Precision water management services are among the fastest growing segments of today’s mechanized irrigation industry.  Through strategic partnerships with leading technology suppliers, ag retailers and crop consultants, CropMetrics continues to rapidly capitalize on this growing opportunity with the large-scale implementation of the industry’s first all-in-one precision irrigation and agricultural base management program.

Company Mission

CropMetrics’ mission is to develop and supply precision management technology solutions that increase water, nutrient and energy use efficiency while fostering natural resource conservation. CropMetrics is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers and clients through quality products, services, training and support.