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Maximizing Majority Soil Type Means Maximizing Profit

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Maximizing Majority Soil Type Means Maximizing Profit

Growers looking to maximize profitability must evaluate many factors in their overall approach. A common push is to improve efficiency on each acre within a field, and this drives growers to evaluate Variable Rate seeding and fertilizer technology. With irrigated acres, before any variable rate program can have success, you must FIRST maximize yield on the majority soil type within the field. We all know water is the main yield determinant, and in this case water will control how we are able to maximize this profitability. The concept below is VITAL to success and must not be overlooked.

VRI - Majority Acre

If you are an irrigated producer, we urge you to take the time to understand how to Maximize Majority Soil Type first and foremost. In turn, this will create your greatest economic ROI. Once you are maximizing the majority soil type, then there is opportunity to take the next step to increasing productivity on every soil type and each acre within a field with VRI. Don’t get caught adjusting other management practices such as seeding and fertilizer for yield effects that can be controlled or improved through Precision Irrigation.

At CropMetrics, we are dedicated to evaluating the opportunity on each field and helping the producer decide what fits for their own operation, and what practices have the most opportunity. Contact your local CropMetrics expert to learn more today. 

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