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The CropMetrics PDS Difference

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The CropMetrics PDS Difference

Updated: February 2017

There is a high level of awareness across the agriculture industry today on not only the benefits of precision ag technology, but more importantly the value of support for these technology services. At CropMetrics, we are known for our precision irrigation solutions, however, what really sets us apart is our local and specialized support network. For many new start-ups and technology companies this concept is an idea they are still trying to grasp, while CropMetrics on the other hand began developing the foundation of a support network from our beginning. The blog article below was originally posted in 2013, and now today the only thing that has changed at CropMetrics is we’ve grown our Precision Data Specialist network to over 300 certified local experts across the United States. As a grower, you can be assured that you will receive a full serviced solution that is not just a “new concept”, instead, a solution that will be tailored to maximize profitability on each acre. CropMetrics offers the experience and support to insure success. Read more about our industry leading PDS network below, and to find your nearest precision irrigation expert click here: Find A PDS

Original Post: November 2013 

Today, growers have a lot of resources at their fingertips to help reduce inputs and increase potential yields. But having all of that information–much less knowing that exactly to do with it–can be very cumbersome.

With CropMetrics Precision Data Specialists (PDS), growers can take the question mark out of the equation.

The CropMetrics PDS Difference 1

Precision agriculture differs from traditional methods of farming by addressing site-specific variables such as soil composition, topography, and yields. Establishing a foundation based upon fixed variables, such as soil composition and topography, coupled with fluctuating variables such as yields, allows growers the opportunity to achieve maximum results while conserving resources.

The PDS Difference, Part 1: Data Analysis

CropMetrics offers what we call the Precision Data Specialist, or PDS, difference.

The first part to the PDS difference lies in the fact that a trained agronomist is there to help each grower build a precise management plan designed to optimize all inputs and maximize production profitability.

In a recent interview, our RSM Scott Speck stated that understanding variability that doesn’t change is a key factor to successful precision data management. Capturing fixed, or non-changing variability with CropMetrics Precision Starter Program provides the grower and the Precision Data Specialist with a foundation from which all other data can be addressed.

The Precision Starter Program is the most precise method for identifying yield limitations and analyzing results. Scott states:

We can utilize data collected from EC mapping to develop a complete systems approach to precision water management. This data collected will help us identify not only the fixed variability, but also the extent of variability in water holding capacity. From there, we can use that data to statistically place a moisture probe in the most optimum area of the field for irrigation scheduling, or develop a Variable Rate Irrigation prescription to optimize our water application.

Although the Precision Starter Program is the most effective method for probe placement and scheduling irrigation, the PDS can also work with growers that do not have EC data. In this instance, site-specific data is collected with NRCS maps, and can be fine tuned by integrating other precision layers such as yield or imagery.

Whether placing a soil moisture probe based on data derived from the EC data or from NRCS maps, each grower can rely on the accompanying agronomist (our PDS) to help decipher data and schedule inputs.

The PDS Difference, Part 2: A Local Agronomist

Precision agriculture requires an integrated approach to site-specific variables, and CropMetrics has evolved this process by offering local support to help interpret and respond to each site’s needs.

The CropMetrics PDS Difference

An integral portion of the PDS difference lies in the fact that each expert is local to the grower. Precision Data Specialists are not solely office-based representatives. Each PDS is a highly-trained agronomist located in your service area as an independent business representative, or as an employee of an organization like a precision ag dealer.

But what Makes Precision Data Specialists unique?   

  • CropMetrics PDS’s are precision agronomy experts servicing your local area.
  • Each PDS is certified yearly on how to make the most of precision irrigation management and receives on-going training throughout the year.
  • Every moisture probe placed in the field has an associated PDS.
  • PDS’s provide growers weekly irrigation recommendations.
  • PDS’s will help you integrate multiple technologies to maximize the benefit of each by using Virtual Optimizer.
  • PDS’s are always available for further questions.

Getting started with precision irrigation and understanding the collected data can be a cumbersome task for a grower interested in the rewards of precision agriculture. But with CropMetrics’ highly-trained and local PDS’s, a whole system approach to production is very much attainable. Your local PDS will first identify the solutions that fit each individual field. Then by utilizing the Virtual Optimizer solution, you will have an opportunity to build a long term and sustainable precision irrigation program.

Want to learn more about what kind of impact the PDS difference could have for you? Contact a CropMetrics PDS today, or reach out to us on Twitter. We’re always here to answer your questions and would be more than happy to help.



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