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This Week’s Agronomy: Harvestability

This Week’s Agronomy: Harvestability

This Week’s Agronomy.

Written by: Scott Speck

As we prepare for harvest across the Midwest, it’s time to start thinking about harvestability as combines begin to roll through fields. There are a few things to think about as we prepare for harvest: harvest order, standability, and grain quality.
Harvest order is critical in maximizing time efficiency for producers. As combines, carts, and trucks start to move – ensuring a field is ready for harvest can save a producer loads of time. When analyzing harvest order,  CropMetrics Precision Data Specialists can utilize a grower’s modeling in VO (Virtual Optimizer) and be in the field testing moisture to help their producers build an order for harvest based on solid data.
Standability is also a huge factor as we approach the end of the season – especially where we have seen more diseases later in the season across the area. One test to help your producers is using the push test, which simply helps you find out the rigidity of the stalks in a field. If stalks begin to snap, this is a field to watch critically as your harvest order may need to change to accommodate weak stalks from disease or from filling ears late in season that pull nutrients from the stalk.
Grain quality is critically important as well, and checking for ear rots can change where a producer stores their grain and again the order of harvest. Ears that show rot can spoil loads, and need to be accounted for – especially if the rot is widespread in a field. Below you will find a guide of different ear rots, be sure to be alert to these issues if you are seeing them in your fields.

Click the following links for examples.
Push Test >
Ear Rots >

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