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From the President: End of Season Advice

From the President: End of Season Advice

As we approach the final stretch to the 2016 growing season, it is projected to be one of the best in US history for corn and soybeans. The final month often creates questions, but more importantly offers opportunity for farmers under irrigation.

“When should I quit irrigating”, is a common question on grower’s minds, and there isn’t a single answer that is best across every individual field. Although yields are expected to be bin busting in many areas of the Midwest, profit margins are still tight, with the possibility of being even worse in 2017. This challenges growers with saving expenses and such as shutting wells off, or attempting to further maximize efficiency and push yields to their remaining full potential.

Continue to irrigate without knowing what exactly to do, and you can not only waste water, but limit yield potential as well.  Not to mention create unwanted compaction problems during harvest. This is a time where CropMetrics solutions take advantage of the opportunity in “knowing the right decision”, while also managing our most valuable resource with the utmost efficiency. Both soil moisture probes and VRI provide their greatest value early and late in the growing season, and most especially in the final 1-2 irrigations events. A moisture probe supported by a certified CropMetrics PDS will accurately tell you when it is safe to quit irrigating, while also maximizing yield potential. VRI will allow you to efficiently manage each soil type throughout the field to not only push yields even further, but also accurately manage the available water to optimal levels within each soil profile. Combine VO Pro to provide more valuable information in the decision making progress to help tell you the expected water use at each growth stage along with forecasted rains, and you have all of the data needed to make more informed irrigation decisions all in one place. It is this time of the year where I have a high level of confidence on my own farm backed by these powerful tools.

To learn more on how to use these tools at this time of year, see this help article: http://cropmetricssupport.force.com/articles/Probes/Scheduling-the-Last-Irrigation/?q=last+irrigation&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1

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