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CM in the News: Kansas Field Day Showcases Water Technology Farms

CM in the News: Kansas Field Day Showcases Water Technology Farms

August 2, 2016:

T&O Farms LLC, the first Water Technology Farm, hosted more than 200 attendees to demonstrate technologies implemented  that focus on irrigating effectively from a depleting water source. CropMetrics was one of those technologies.

The Field Day featured a small group of industry leaders in the area, including representatives from the K-State Research and Extension office, the Kansas Department of Agricultural Division of Water Resources, and Loren Seaman and Scott Schechter of Seaman Crop Consulting.

Attendees heard comments and technical briefings from representatives including a powerful message from Loren Seaman discussing the importance and results of utilizing technology, such as soil moisture probes and VRI, to help improve yields, while also ensuring water conservation is achieved.

Director of the Kansas Water Office, Tracy Streeter, was appointed to lead the Water Vision Team. Two years ago the team developed the Water Technology Farm concept and knew in order to be successful it had to be based on public-private partnerships. The farm has 24 sponsors,  showing the drive for Kansans wanting to conserve water.

“This farm is a product of two action items in the Vision, Water Technology Farms and Water Conservation Areas, (WCAs).” said Streeter. “It is exciting to stand here today and say not only is this farm one of the three WCAs in Kansas but to also share to date these technologies have demonstrated the potential for a minimum of at least 3 inches of water conservation in the first year of this three year project.”

CropMetrics is excited to be part of essential programs like this one and very proud to have Seaman Crop Consulting as one of our valued dealers and excited to see the great data and results coming out of this operation.

See additional press coverage  below:

KS TV Capture

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