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Crop Modeling: Predictive vs Precision Based Results

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Crop Modeling: Predictive vs Precision Based Results

Written By: Kimberly Kneifl

CM Predictive vs Precision

Crop modeling has become a mainstream concept in precision agriculture. Examining the soils, plant life and weather forecasts are all integral components capable of being quantified and analyzed for an increase in seasonal yields. In addition, working within the context of precision agriculture, growers ensure their operation is meeting and potentially exceeding the expectations of environmental and human impacts. From assessing climate change to assuring each acre of land is producing enough food, feed, fuel or fiber to support the rapidly growing global population, the term precision has become a key component to success. A well-implemented crop modeling system can increase each acres yield by applying the appropriate amount of inputs as well as addressing the conservation of our natural resources.

While crop modeling offers an innovative approach to the challenges each operation faces throughout the growing season, the concepts behind crop modeling have not been fully vetted.

Most crop modeling systems are predictive in nature. They rely purely on the analysis of a specific plant organ, such as the leaf. The data gathered from this approach is then applied across the field. This crop modeling methodology has the potential to fall short. In addition, crop modeling services in place today do not rely on a fixed foundational framework for each site-specific operation.

CropMetrics offers a multifaceted, dynamic approach to precision irrigation. The Virtual Optimizer Software integrates crop modeling with weather data, record keeping, pivot telemetry, soil moisture probes and variable rate irrigation (VRI). By implementing a variety of tools into one powerful toolset, the grower can address the analytics of crop modeling in a whole new light. And while the VO Pro cloud-based software can be integrated for your operation and work on crop modeling alone, it is key to remember precision irrigation is whole systems approach. The more layers of data you have at your fingertips, the more informed your irrigation decisions will be.

VO Software: Custom Crop Modeling by Integrating the Complete Package

 Most crop modeling systems on the market, rely on the singularity behind the plant or a specific organ to implement a blanketed approach to crop management. With VO Software, growers can incorporate real-time weather data with the dynamic, customizable capabilities integrated into each site-specific operation.

“This unique crop model is different than any other in the industry as it allows you to adjust the crop growth stage to customize each field to actual ground truthing. With all this data collected in real-time, we are generating a precise Crop and Field Specific Irrigation Forecast!!”

 Matthew Grassi, PresionAg Assistant Editor

CropMetrics offers growers the opportunity to positively impact profit with a whole system approach that is wrapped up into a singular, easy to use software package; the VO Pro.

Through this post we have just begun to touch on the complexities involved in crop modeling. And while the optionality remains to implement the VO Pro as your operation sees fit, here at CropMetrics we hold the recipe growers need to succeed, a customizable crop modeling solution. Let us help you move past the predictive protocols into true precision- based solutions.

For more information on how CropMetrics can help, please contact your local Precision Data Specialist today.

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