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CropMetrics Launches New Irrigation Data Technology

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CropMetrics Launches New Irrigation Data Technology

Prices are down yet input costs remain high. Profit management has become increasingly important for every grower. But there are variables in agriculture which we cannot control that cause never-ending challenges to this ever important task. This is especially true when the largest yield limiting factor, water, or the lack of water, is vastly controlled by weather. At CropMetrics, we are aggressively developing new technology to attack the challenge of managing the growers most valuable resource, water. This year CropMetrics is revolutionizing water management with a new cloud-based platform called Virtual Optimizer (VO) Pro.

VO Pro begins by approaching the first hurdle most common with many aspects of agriculture today — the integration of multiple variables, that each provide important decision making information. To achieve accurate irrigation scheduling that increases water use efficiency and improves yield, growers must attempt to gather data generated from multiple sources. These may include, but not limited to: weather forecasts, soil moisture measurements, and crop water use. But without integration, it is often difficult to utilize all of these important variables because they are each delivered to different locations, in various formats, and do not work with one another. This was a challenge until VO Pro! The integration that brings all of your most important irrigation scheduling tools into one platform is the first step to a successful systems approach to irrigation management.

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