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NEW Precision Irrigation Web Portal!
The most advanced, yet simple to use website,
specialized on precision irrigation management!
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Nothing is more important than building the foundation of your
precision ag program with accurate, high resolution data!
The quality of data you begin with is critical to your end goal!
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Variable Rate Irrigation
Improve Water Use Efficiency!
Increase Yield!
Maximize Profit!
VRI Optimization
The goal of CropMetrics Precision Pivot is to increase water use efficiency, improve yields and maximize profitability by accounting for soil and/or topography variability and then applying the optimum application depths of water at both the right time and the right place.
Soil Moisture Monitoring
With the importance of water conservation in combination with the challenge of proper irrigation, soil moisture monitoring via multi-depth sensors have undoubtedly proven their value. New for 2013, CropMetrics is offering a fully integrated soil moisture monitoring solution!
Virtual Optimizer
The ALL NEW Virtual Optimizer combines multiple water management technologies into one powerful, cloud based, central location designed for growers and consultants to take advantage of the advanced benefits in precision irrigation through a simplified interface.
Virtual Agronomist
Virtual Agronomist is a complete precision ag management solution designed for both non-irrigated and irrigated acres with a unique emphasis on center pivot irrigation. Driven by data, Virtual Agronomist employs a whole systems approach to affordably and reliably enhancing traditional agronomic programs.

Precision Starter Program

Before jumping into precision ag with the end goal in mind, let CropMetrics help build a proper foundation and measure field variability throughout each field to identify optimal opportunity to begin with.

Precision Data Specialist

We believe the benefits of precision ag solutions are greatest when combined with local precision agronomy support provided by certified Precision Data Specialists.

Advanced Yield Analysis

When integrating any type of variable rate application into a management program, properly measuring yield results and identifying future opportunity is critical to continued improvement.

VRI Success

Through implementation of CropMetrics developed “30-30” field trials, variable rate irrigation success is quantified and validated with positive yield results across many different regions.

Complete Precision Ag

Once started with precision irrigation management, CropMetrics will then help determine the next precision steps such as variable seeding and fertilizer.

Conserve Water and Energy

CropMetrics is dedicated to delivering solutions specialized in conserving our most valuable resources. Learn how we are partnering with groups like NEEA and NEWBA to test and develop this cutting edge technology in irrigation management.

Know your variables. Manage your inputs. Optimize your yields.

It all starts with building a precise management plan. Manage Irrigated or Non-Irrigated acres, CropMetrics assist you in making informed decisions.
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About Us

CropMetrics is a precision agriculture company focused on advanced agronomic solutions while specializing in precision irrigation management. Our mission is to develop and supply precision management technology solutions that increase water, nutrient and energy use efficiency while fostering natural resource conservation.
CropMetrics is a leader in Precision Irrigation Management with the introduction of the first commercially available full-service Variable Rate Irrigation program. CropMetrics continues it's pursuit in innovation and strives to deliver ultimate value to the grower customer.
The seamless integration of these unique offerings provides the framework for large-scale, data-driven, precision agronomic services that are readily marketed and supported by professional trained Precision Data Specialists.